Good Shepherd Society

The Good Shepherd's Society is a organization whose mission is to aid in the struggle to overcome poverty throughout nations of the world. This goal is accomplished through medical work, charitable relief of poverty, health education, and support of vocational and spiritual education.







The Islamic Republic of Pakistan borders India, China, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Arabian Sea. Pakistan is an impoverished and underdeveloped country. Nearly 38 percent of children under age 5 are critically under-weight and at least 12 percent of their mothers are malnourished. More children less than one-year-old die in Pakistan than in India or other countries in Africa. Official figures list literacy rate higher; however, independent experts believe overall literacy is fewer than 30 percent and less than 12 percent for girls and women.

We first began work in Pakistan in 2004 at the invitation of a Christian brother.  The Good Shepherd's Society initiated a medical clinic in a small Christian village and assisted many people living in dire conditions. Poor and rich villagers from the community and the surrounding towns, as well as local officials traveling from long distances, attended our medical clinic.

A peace ceremony was conducted, the first known in that area.  Peace loving people of all faiths from the area attended, and many friendships were formed.  Together with the Christian brother, we also initiated work to help the poor young Christian girls in the area.  Many times they must be left alone during the harvest season by their parents. Gangs of young men who roam in the area sometimes assault them. It is our hope that we can obtain enough resources to build a high school for the young women to attend, and a dormitory where they can be educated and kept safely. The need is ongoing to keep the medical clinic open for the poor, and to also keep the elementary school open.  This small village is a beacon of hope to many in the area, and is a haven of peace to many souls, in the midst of violent extremists.  Please pray with us that God will allow us to continue the work and that it will come to the aid of even more in need. 


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