Good Shepherd Society

The Good Shepherd's Society is a organization whose mission is to aid in the struggle to overcome poverty throughout nations of the world. This goal is accomplished through medical work, charitable relief of poverty, health education, and support of vocational and spiritual education.



NW Africa

This is a highly centralized Islamic region, made up of nearly 40 percent desert and 30 percent semi-desert. The climate is hot, dry, and dusty, with an average temperature of 80°F to 100°F year around. Considered to be one of the world’s poorest regions, Northwest Africa’s main difficulties are the lack of potable water and the increasing unemployment. In many rural areas, less than 10 percent of the people have access to drinkable water and live on a simple starchy diet of couscous or rice. Families can rarely afford meat or fish. Fruit, most of which is imported, is considered a luxury. Vegetables are not popular, as they are expensive and hard to grow in the desert soil. However, even though living in such extreme conditions, people are renowned for their kind and welcoming hospitality.

The Good Shepherd's Society began its work in Northwest Africa in 1999.  We work in partnership with physicians and local churches of other faiths that wish to treat all people with compassion, dignity and respect as children of God. 

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Arabic and African peoples live together in close harmony, yet the area is experiencing an influx of Africans from the sub Saharan region who are seeking economic relief.  This increase of population in an area that cannot support its own economically is adding strain to the culture. Yet, remarkably this gentle region composed mostly of poor fishermen and farmers, remains impressively civil and kind in spite of the hardships of their lives. We consider it a privilege to work here with the peoples of the two major faiths of the area - including our non-Christian brothers and sisters. We believe Christians and non-Christians alike here exhibit an example of peace that the entire world should see and strive to reproduce.


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