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The Good Shepherd's Society is a organization whose mission is to aid in the struggle to overcome poverty throughout nations of the world. This goal is accomplished through medical work, charitable relief of poverty, health education, and support of vocational and spiritual education.





Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti. With a diverse population of Spanish, Indian, African and European ancestry, Nicaraguans face an everyday struggle against a skyrocketing inflation, political corruption and high cost of living. Wages buy scarcely one-third of what they did 15 years ago, which puts a tremendous strain on households and makes it difficult for parents to provide for their children. Nearly one-quarter of Nicaragua’s population is illiterate. Sadly, 20 percent of school-age boys and girls do not attend classes because their families do not have sufficient funds to pay for basic tuition, school uniforms, or books. 

The Good Shepherd's Society began its work in Nicaragua in 1998 after being invited there by Bishop Bosco Robelo Vivas.  Hurricane Mitch and the catastrophic mudslide had just killed over four thousand Nicaraguans.  In the decade after, the Good Shepherd’s Society has helped many orphans, underprivileged children, and sick people needing medical care.  “Pharmacies for the Poor” and mobile medical clinics have been used to give care nation wide.

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With the help of several church and youth groups GSS is continuing our project of building a shelter for the homeless elderly in the tiny village of Quezalguaque. Located about twelve kilometers from the city of Leon, this village has been a pilgrimage site for those seeking physical healing for more than 250 years. There are about one thousand healings every year (these are verified by the people themselves who receive the healings).  Quezalguaque was also miraculously spared from the terrible effects from Hurricane Mitch. Even though not having a natural barrier, a fifteen feet high wall of mud spared the village by inexplicably dividing and going around it. 

Nicaragua and its people have always welcomed the Good Shepherd’s Society help, and we are looking forward to continue our cause in this beautiful, passionate and faithful hearted nation. 

Dr. Debra Cole in Nicaragua




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